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Patio Covers

Our patio covers are not mere additions to your home; they are elegantly integrated enhancements that unite the coziness of your interior with the captivating charm of the outdoor environment. Constructed with superior materials and cutting-edge design concepts, we bring your vision to life, establishing a scenic refuge where moments are treasured, relaxation is paramount, and the transition between indoors and outdoors is effortlessly fluid. Your patio cover, your sanctuary.


Our sunrooms promise a harmony of luxury and natural light, designed to extend your living space and bring the outdoors inside all year round. Utilizing top-grade materials and cutting-edge design, we ensure your sunroom captures the essence of your style, offering a tranquil space for relaxation or an elegant setting for entertaining. Experience the serenity and the scenic wraparound views in your personal sanctuary, your sunroom.



Our gazebos stand as a testament to timeless charm and functionality, offering a secluded getaway right in your backyard.  With intricate designs that reflect your tastes, these standalone sanctuaries are perfect for immersing yourself in nature without stepping away from comfort. Whether it’s a peaceful retreat for quiet reflection or a lively gathering spot for friends and family, your gazebo is your gateway to embracing the outdoors in style.

Custom Patio's & Sunrooms

Services include:

  • Custom Covered Patios
  • Custom Sunrooms
  • Gazebos
  • Covered Additions
  • Roof, Stucco & Paint
  • Landscaping

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Patio Covers

In the sun-drenched LA area, our custom patio covers are the epitome of outdoor luxury, offering a perfect amalgamation of style and utility. Each patio cover is precisely designed to enhance Southern California’s distinct climate and lifestyle, converting any outdoor area into a private sanctuary. From the sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills to the tranquil seaside atmospheres, our patio covers are engineered in harmony with the local scenery, incorporating high-end materials resilient against time and weather. Whether envisioning a sleek, shaded space for intimate evening gatherings or a vast, protective roof for family celebrations, our patio covers are more than a simple add-on to your home—they’re your entryway to fully embracing the vibrant, alfresco lifestyle of Los Angeles.

Custom Patio's

In the radiant LA area, our custom patios redefine outdoor living with a blend of beauty and functionality. Each patio is meticulously crafted to complement Southern California’s unique climate and lifestyle, transforming any space into a private oasis. From the panoramic vistas of the Hollywood Hills to the serene coastal ambiances, our designs harmonize with the surrounding landscape, using high-quality materials that withstand the test of time and elements. Whether it’s a chic, minimalist terrace for rooftop soirees or a sprawling, verdant haven for family gatherings, our patios are not just an addition to your home—they are a gateway to embracing the sun-soaked ethos of Los Angeles life.

Custom Sunrooms

In the diverse tapestry of the LA area, our sunrooms stand as a beacon of innovative living, inviting the golden California sunlight right into your home. These bespoke extensions seamlessly merge indoor comfort with the natural allure of the outdoors, offering a tranquil space for relaxation, entertainment, or quiet reflection amidst panoramic views. Tailored to each client’s vision and the architectural spirit of their home, our sunrooms are constructed with premium, eco-friendly materials, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and an aesthetic that elevates your living space. From the bustling heart of downtown to the peaceful suburban enclaves, our sunrooms are a tribute to Los Angeles’ vibrant lifestyle, providing a sun-drenched sanctuary where cherished memories unfold against the backdrop of a perennially azure sky.

Custom Gazebo's & Landscaping

Our gazebos and landscaping services merge artistry with functionality, creating enchanting outdoor spaces that stand as a testament to refined craftsmanship and horticultural acumen. Our gazebos offer not just a shaded sanctuary but a focal point of elegance and timeless charm, built with materials selected for beauty and resilience. Paired with our comprehensive landscaping services, these structures are nestled into lush, tailored greenery, where every plant, pathway, and decorative element is strategically placed to create harmony and balance within your garden. We take a holistic approach, considering each client’s desires, the ecosystem’s health, and the existing architecture, ensuring your outdoor space is not only a picturesque haven but a sustainable, flourishing environment that enhances your property’s overall allure and value.

About us

Our multifaceted team operates on a structure that ensures excellence and precision at every stage of crafting your dream outdoor spaces, including custom patios, sunrooms, gazebos, and comprehensive landscaping services. The hierarchy involves a Project Manager overseeing the grand vision, a Quality Control Supervisor ensuring adherence to the highest standards, and dedicated laborers who bring the project to life. This system promotes a meticulous checks-and-balances approach, guaranteeing that each detail is double-checked, each specification is met, and every potential oversight is addressed and rectified promptly.

Communication is the cornerstone of our customer service philosophy. We understand the nuances involved in bringing to life custom installations, where each color, material, and design reflects your preferences. Our commitment to the adage “measure twice, cut once” is unwavering—it’s not just about building, but creating a space where your lifestyle or business ethos is embodied in every corner, be it through a tranquil gazebo, a sun-drenched patio, or a lush landscape.

In our day-to-day operations, we keep you, the client, informed and involved. Through your preferred communication method—text, email, phone, or in-person meetings—we ensure that you are updated on project timelines, design queries, and developments. Our technological adeptness streamlines this process, making it straightforward and accommodating for you.

Integrity and accountability are embedded in our culture. Every agreement made is documented in writing for transparency, setting clear expectations. We take pride in our work and in the event of any missteps, we are prompt to acknowledge and rectify them to align with your envisioned outcome. Our goal transcends completing a project; we aspire to make your dreams a tangible reality, adhering to a commitment of quality, efficiency, and your absolute satisfaction. If it’s conceivable, we will spare no effort to make it a reality!