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Paver Installation

Paver Installation for Patio, Sidewalks, Driveways, and Landscaping

Professional Paver Installation

Paver Installation, including brick, stone, concrete, flagstone, cobblestone, and more for walkways, patios, driveways, and outdoor spaces.

Quality Pavers

We take pride in using only the highest quality paving materials, ensuring that each project we undertake not only looks stunning but also withstands the test of time. Our selection of pavers is curated from top-tier manufacturers, known for their exceptional durability, aesthetic appeal, and resistance to weathering, cracking, and shifting.

Professional Service

At our paver installation business, we deliver professional service that is both reliable and meticulous. Our team of skilled installers is thoroughly trained and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure a flawless finish on every paving project.

Unlimited Designs

Our paver installation service stands out with its unlimited design and material options, catering to every unique taste and style. We offer a diverse selection, ranging from classic brick to contemporary concrete, ensuring that your outdoor space reflects your personal aesthetic.

Custom Paver Installation

santa monica paver

Services include:

  • Top Rated in LA area
  • Paver Installation
  • Quality Pavers Only
  • Custom Patio, Sidewalk, & Driveway Design
  • Many Color Choices & Color Matching Available

Top Rated

With over 100, Five Star reviews Ivy Builders is committed to your satisfaction. We are grateful to be trusted by the Los Angeles Community.


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Paver Installation in LA

In the LA region our paver installation services redefine outdoor elegance, seamlessly blending style with durability. Each paving project is meticulously tailored to complement Southern California’s unique climate and lifestyle, transforming your outdoor spaces into stunning showcases. Whether set against the iconic backdrop of the Hollywood Hills or the serene coastal ambiance, our paving harmonizes with the local environment, using premium materials that withstand the test of time and weather.

Our expertise in design selection and installation techniques ensures that your outdoor areas not only stand out in beauty but also offer practical benefits, such as improved functionality and enhanced curb appeal. From creating a sophisticated patio for tranquil evening retreats to a vibrant and welcoming walkway for lively family gatherings, our paver installation services elevate your property beyond just a living space—they become an integral part of the dynamic, outdoor-centric lifestyle of Los Angeles.

About us

Our specialized team is dedicated to delivering top-tier paver installation services, ensuring precision and quality in transforming your outdoor spaces. Our structured approach includes a Project Manager who oversees the overall vision, a Quality Control Supervisor who ensures adherence to the highest standards, and skilled installers who meticulously bring your vision to life. This system guarantees a thorough checks-and-balances process, ensuring every detail is perfect, every specification is met, and any potential issues are promptly resolved.

Communication is key in our approach to customer service. We recognize the intricacies in creating custom paver designs, where each pattern, texture, and material mirrors your unique preferences. Our philosophy of “measure twice, install once” reflects our commitment to not just lay pavers, but to craft spaces that embody your personal or business identity, whether it’s an elegantly patterned patio, a harmoniously laid driveway, or a boldly designed walkway.

We keep you, the client, informed and engaged in our day-to-day operations. Whether through text, email, phone calls, or face-to-face meetings, we ensure you’re updated on project progress, design considerations, and any developments. Our use of technology makes this process smooth and convenient for you.

Integrity and accountability are fundamental to our ethos. All agreements are documented in writing for transparency, setting clear expectations. We take pride in our work and are quick to address and fix any deviations to align with your envisioned outcome. Our goal is not just to complete a project, but to bring your dreams to life, with a commitment to quality, efficiency, and your complete satisfaction. If you can dream it, we’re here to make it a reality!